1 Mukhi Rudraksha
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1 Mukhi Rudraksha Introduction:
Ek Mukhi Rudraksha is Lord Shiva’s manifest. It provides freedom, along with material pleasures from the birth cycle. It is one of the most felicitous and rarely found beads. Rudraksha’s seed is a prayer bead for Hindus. Rudraksha seeds possess an outer covering of blue-colored shells and, consequently, referred to as the grape beads.Ek Mukhi Rudraksha percolates all kinds of sins of its wearer. The person who is a true worshipper of this bead can overcome his lack of self-confidence, increase his power, allure, and prosperity. The Rudraksha being the epitome of Lord Shiva, its wearer, is blessed by Goddess Lakshmi, too. His knowledge is equal to the supreme power is enhanced. His worldly pleasures are minimized gradually. The Rudraksha accomplishes the desires of his wearer and brings him close to Shiva. He is bestowed with the power of concentration and mental peace. Leadership skills and the will to overcome any panicking circumstance is given by the 1 Mukhi Rudraksha. Ek Mukhi Rudraksha has got a natural covering on its face. The shape of this loose bead is either a half-moon or cashew.
power, it is necessary to go through the facet of Shiva. There’s a story in Hindu scriptures that says, once Lord Shiva was in his state of meditation over mount Kailash, whereas his wife, Parvati, was engrossed in the thought of her mere existence. She was wondering as to why be Goddess Lakshmi only associated with all the splendor, riches, and carpeted appearances. So, 
The round-shaped beads are barely available. This one faced rudraksha is essential as it has been desired after all the other Rudraksha beads. Lord Shiva has been described as “Niraakar, Omkaar and Mula Turiyam,” by the Shlokas. It implies that he is indeterminate, shapeless, without any beginning or end. Shiva is persistent energy, which is in eternal blessedness. This energy contains a frequency that is uni-wavering and can be touched by the Shiv Panchakshari. To understand this Rudraksha’s 
she requested Lord Shiva to grant her a luxurious home that is incomparable. Lord Shiva, being very compassionate, fulfilled her wish by ordering Yaksharaja Kubera to build a magnificent palace named Shivnagari. This adobe was embedded with wealth. Parvati was overjoyed and took Shiva along with her to live there. She wore all kinds of jewelry and garments of silk. She approached Lord Shiva and found him meditating. Shiva, the divine soul, was neither affected by any riches nor by his simple living in the mountains. His blissful state taught Parvati the true meaning of happiness. Thus, she returned to Kailash Mountain after asking for forgiveness. How Lord Shiva would adjure incomparable riches in a moment, without getting affected by it, likewise One Mukhi Rudraksha also allots similar power to the one who adorns it. It has been mentioned in the Shiva Puran (CH. 25, SL. 65) that Goddess Lakshmi forever resides in a place where 1 Mukhi Rudraksha is idolized. Therefore, a person heartily savors a vast amount of wealth while he is alive with detachment.

Benefits of 1 Mukhi:
Ek Mukhi Rudraksha is one of the most excellent mediums for bettering focus on meditation, which can ultimately result in attaining success. It helps in getting rid of any addiction or bad habits. People who seek spiritual growth and detachment from worldly pleasures can wear this one faced rudraksha.
Health Benefits:
The wearer of this bead experiences a feeling of peace and composure because this bead is favorably known for reducing stress level. It is even beneficial for the eyesight and heart too. The bead cures several diseases, namely- Night blindness, stones in the urinary tract, heart diseases, thrombus in a blood vessel, dyspepsia, digestive function disorder. It also controls pituitary, hypothalamus, pineal of the body.
Why to buy from
We understand the customer’s fear of buying an artificial rudraksha. Hence, we assure our customers about the purity of our beads. They are 100% authentic and lab-tested. We provide free shipping and cash on the delivery mode of payment all across India. Online payment facility, credit card, and debit card transaction, E-gift vouchers are secure and glitch-free payment methods extended by us to our customers. We also have replacement and refund policies for our customer's benefits. We aim to please our customers and thus we prefer quality over anything else. Our rudraksha beads are credible and authentic as we believe in in-depth research about the products we promise to deliver to the best of our capabilities. We ensure that the client is satisfied with what they buy as our primary goal is to get the peace and happiness which they came looking for to us. Our rudraksha bead is available at affordable prices and the quality is uncompromised.
Astrological Views:
As per the astrologers, 1 faced Rudraksha helps remove detrimental effects of the Sun, as it is an epitome of sun.  The harmful effects of sun comprise- a defect in the right eye, headache, bowel problem, piles, diseases in-ear/liver/skin/bone, weakness.  It enhances leadership qualities, and for this reason, it becomes the most favorite of many politicians. This bead can be worshipped by persons who want to excel in politics, mostly.
It is even recommended for Lawyers, Doctors, and Professors. Professors need to stay honest towards conveying knowledge equally to everyone. Doctors have to detach themselves from the physical and emotional pain of any patient while operating or to treat him. Lawyers need to concentrate during their clinic so they can empower themselves to assert their case for getting a favorable judgment. The bead is an aid to build one’s name, gain fame, individuality, and prosper in all aspects of life. 
How TO Wear:
It can either be worn on the body, or it can be kept in the worshipping place at home, as this bead is considered to be Lord Shiva himself. The one faced Rudraksha comes in the form of a bracelet, to be tied around the wrist, or pendant, to be worn around the neck.
Wearing Day:
1 Mukhi Rudraksha must be worn on any of the auspicious days. Monday has been preferred to be the best choice. The auspicious day must relate to Lord Shiva. 
Rulling Planet:
Sun is its ruling planet. 
”Om Hreem Namah OR Om Namah Shivaya.”

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