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This Mahalaxmi Ratna Kavacham bracelet is authentic, beautifully designed, and extraordinary. It comprises a combination of immensely powerful natural gemstones like Gomedh, Blue Sapphire, Zambian Emerald and Amethyst. Each gem has purity ranging from around 3 - 4 carats. The bracelet is designed in pure silver, weighing approx. 32 grams. This bracelet is highly credible, and it will surely uphold the trust and faith of the wearer. This Mahalaxmi Ratna Kavacham is energized and instantly worn without any additional pujas.


  • This bracelet comes with unlimited benefits for the wearer.
  • The gems are very powerful, and each has its own sets of miracles.
  • When the wearer uses the bracelet, he senses that all the tensions and problems begin disappearing from his life, and his mind will attain peace and tranquility.
  • With a calm and balanced life, the wearer will enter into new heights of achievements and become unstoppable.
  • The wearer will also gain financial stability in his life.

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