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This Mahalaxmi Ratna Kavacham gemstone bracelet is cent percent authentic and made up of natural gems like Amethyst, Zambian Emerald, Gomedh and Blue Sapphire, each with a purity ranging from 3 to 4 carats.This gemstones bracelet has approx. 22gms of pure sterling silver with platinum rhodium plating and a very decent silver finish. The bracelet is energized and can be used instantly without any additional step.


  • Once a person wears this Mahalaxmi ratna kavacham bracelet, he will experience immense strength in himself.
  • This gemstone bracelet will pour positivity into the life of the wearer. His life will start to turn towards happiness and all the negativity and disappointments will walk away.
  • The wearer will sense absolute harmony and speedy success in his life .
  • All the desires of the wearer will be fulfilled.
  • The gems used in this bracelet have the potential to absorb all the negativity and in return release positive energy in the atmosphere.

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