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Panch Mukhi Nepal Rudraksha Beads Bracelet - VIII

The bracelet is made from Punch Mukhi rudraksha 10 Rudraksha x 11Red Sandalwood beads that is handpicked. It is made from high quality, round, smooth and lustrous Rudraksha bead from Java strung together with a silver spacer after each bead. The bracelet also offers an adjustable user lock for easy use.


  • It helps to enhance work and induces self-confidence.
  • Blesses the wearer with health and prosperity and success.
  • It helps in increasing concentration, memory and creativity of the wearer.
  • Also helps the wearer to achieve Sadhna

Bead size Rudraksha Approx. 15mm x 8mm Sandalwood
Number of beads 10 Rudraksha x 11Red Sandalwood
Length 7.5 Inches Streachable

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