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6 Mukhi Mars Power Bracelet - Java in Silver Balls

Lord Kartikeye rules six mukhi rudhraksha and is pacified by planet Mars. The six mukhi rudhraksha provides will power , good luck and grounding. It also helps in increasing the connection with mother earth. The wearer gets lucky and is blessed with vehicles and properties. Wearing process- For the first three days the wearer can wear the rudhraksha from morning to evening so the beads get attuned to the wearer. As soon as you wear the bracelet the beads start showing its effects. One should wear this bracelet 3-4 hours every day. On the days you don’t wear the bracelet you can keep the same in a pouch. Planet moon helps in enhancing the energy of moon and offers steady mind to the wearer. It is ideal for people who have short temper. The sandalwood has vibrant energy that offers bravery and strength and also protects against negative energy. It also removes Pitta Dosh.

Ruling God:Lord Kartikeya
Ruling Planet: Venus.
Mantra: “Om Hreem Hum Namah.

Bead Size- 8 mm
No of beads- 16
Length- approx. 7 inches

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