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Product name: 7 Mukhi Rudraksha Mahalaxmi Bracelet Java Silver Flower Capping - 12mm

The best way to avail benefits of both the silver as well as rudhraksha is by wearing this sacred 8inches bracelet that is adjustable and is made from uniform 11 beads of size 12 mm seven mukhirudhraksha. Lord Mahalakshmi the goddess of the wealth represents the seven mukhirudhraksha . The unique design of bracelet is just not elegant but is also beautifully capped in 7.5gms of pure silver along with an adjustable clasp .By wearing this bracelet the wearer can be free from miseries and can be bestowed with abundance, good luck, love success, and it also helps in curing ailments related to pancreas, stomach and liver. To imbibe it’s positive abundance one should chant mantras while wearing this bracelet. It also removes malefic effects of planet Venus.

Ruling deity- Mahalaxmi
Beej Mantra- OM HUM NAMAH
Ruling Planet: Saturn
Wearing day: Friday.
Origin: Indonesia/Java

Bead size: 12mm.
Number of beads: 11
Length: 8 inches

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