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9 Mukhi with Gomed Bracelet highlights uniform and smooth nine mukhi Rudraksha from Java with unadulterated silver in stretch versatile. The nine mukhi Rudraksha speaks to Goddess Durga (Shakti), who is indication of Kali (security), Saraswati (Knowledge) and Mahalaxmi (Wealth). This Rudraksha favors the wearer with vitality, power, dynamism, valor, information and bounty and helps working of mind and sensory system. It is additionally connected with the planet Rahu and expels its malefic impacts.


  • Helps achieve common solaces and satisfy wants
  • Helps prevail upon a wide range of foes
  • Bestows good faith and happiness throughout everyday life
  • Promotes fortitude, boldness and perseverance

Ruling Deity- Goddess Durga.
Ruling Planet- Ketu
Mantras Beej Mantra- Om Hreem Aum Namah.”

Bead Size: 13 mm (Rudraksha) X 7 mm (Gomed)
Number of beads: 6 (Rudraksha) X 5 (Gomed)
Length:  approx. 8 Inches

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