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Anahata chakra is the central chakra which connects all upper and lower body chakras. Also called as heart chakra, it helps in maintaining relationships. It makes one more compassionate and considerate. Also the person becomes energetic and develops inter personal relationships with trust. This chakra enables the person to be more generous, forgiving and selfless.

Anhata Chakra Benefits:

  • Makes inter personal relations better and understandable.
  • Cures problem related to unbalanced anahata chakra
  • Person gets less angry and trusts people around him
  • Generosity and compassion are easily visible in person’s personality

Priests: 5 priests perform this puja.
Duration: the puja is completed within one day.
Location: Trimabkeshwar temple

Puja services include: Puja is strictly performed according to Vedic rituals. The process is purely subjective and is carried out in accordance to birth details (name, date, place and time). Priest offers water and then organises Ganesh Puja in favour of devotee. Sankalp and mantra chanting is done and recorded for the devotee. The puja vidhi adheres to the rules and regulations by experienced priests. After the puja is completed, video of the process, puja tokri, Prasad, energised rudrakasha, yantra and tabeez are delivered to the devotee. Rudrakasha gemstones assure the devotee that the puja will be performed honestly and will prove effective in future.

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