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Located in Mumbai, Maharashtra Shree Mahalaxmi temple is dedicated to goddess Mahalaxmi , goddess MaaKali and Goddess MaaSarswati. Three idols of the goddesses have been molded into gold and also have been bejeweled with nose ring, pearl necklace and gold bangles.

Every day thousands of devotees visit the temple and numbers increase during the Navratri festival. The best idol is the one in which goddess Mahalaxmi is seen riding a tiger and a demon named Mahisasur. The spiritual aura of the temple is represented by the celestial images present in the temple. People come to seek the blessing of goddess Mahalaxmi.

Location: Breach Candy, Mumbai
Established: 1785
Dedicated to:Lord Mahalaxmi
Along with the photo the devotees will also receive dry Prasadam.

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