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Located in Mumbai, Maharashtra Shree Mahalaxmi temple is dedicated to goddess Mahalaxmi , goddess MaaDurga and Goddess MaaSarswati. Three idols of the goddesses have been molded into gold and also have been bejeweled with nose ring, pearl necklace and gold bangles.

Every day thousands of devotees visit the temple and numbers increase during the Navratri festival. In 1785 A.D the Mahalaxmi Temple was constructed by a chief engineer ShriRamjiShamjiPrabhu who dreamt of the idols in the sea and was trying unsuccessfully trying to build a link between two islands. In his dreams the goddess had instructed the chief engineer to find idols and construct idols at the hiilock. The two temples were linked without a hitch as the idols were constructed.

Location- Breach Candy, Mumbai

Established – 1785

Dedicated to – Lord Mahalaxmi

Benefits of this puja:

  • For wealth, success and health
  • For Protection
  • For blessings of Lord Mahalaxmi, MaaDurga and MaaSaraswati.


No. of hours- 2

Priests- one

Along with puja mantra, the puja tokri with Prashad energized rudraksha, yantra and silver tabeez will be sent along to the devotees.  Vedic rituals will be performed as per birth details so devotees must fill the birth details at the time of booking puja. The puja should also include the named devotee's near and dear ones.

Thus this puja shall be performed by the majority of us to get the desired benefits. Get the desired puja at Rudhraksha as we offer the best puja services from the most experienced pandits. We at Rudraksha Gemstones provide authentic and tested products to all our clients. We make sure to provide quality assured as well as energized rudraksha beads to avoid any hindrances to be faced by clients. We assure our clients to get the best online puja services from experienced and knowledgeable priests only. Quality assurance is provided in all the puja samurais. Performing puja is a way to get closer to the almighty and by choosing us you already have the best medium price.

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