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The 4th chapter of Ramcharitamanas is Sundarkand , the great scriptures tells a story of lord Ram. The Sundarkand narrates a stunning story of Bhakti of lord Hanuman towards Ram. It is dedicated to the ventures of Hanuman and talks about his victory over evil and wonders. Lord Hanuman even reaches Lanka in search of Sita after flying over sea. He meets Sitamita in Ashok Vatika and lastly burns Lanka and brings back Sita Mata joyfully.

The chapter is ideally read in auspicious times like beginning of a new work. It also helps in uplifting people when they are feeling low. This not only helps in solving problems but also helps in removing malefic effects of Mars and Shani planets. People who regularly read the Sundarkand are blessed by lord Hanuman.

The path is done by a team of 5 pandits at Sitaram das temple who use many musical instruments to chant praises of lord rama during Paatha. The path is ended by a Hooma. People feel mentally relaxed after reading this Paath . The steps for recitation of Sunderkand are:

  • Sankalp
  • Invocation of gods
  • Viniyog
  • Sunderkanth
  • Aarrti
  • Hawan

No of priests:5
Duration 1 day

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