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Ketu is widely known as the lowermost portion of the celestial snake. This planet represents immense spirituality as well as the deep insight of knowledge when present in the birth chart of Ketu. When Ketu is located in the weakly placed zodiac chart, then it could lead to plenty of problems in a person’s life. The major issues that could be caused are roadblocks, traffic, hardships, and other hurdles in the life of a person. If the Ketu planet is present in the astrological chart, it could be the major cause of immense pain and struggle in a person’s life. Ketu Dosh Nivaran Puja helps in enhancing the process of liberation from the continuous cycle of birth and death. This Puja helps in bestowing the tendency of spiritual curiosity within a person. While performing the Ketu Dosh Nivaran Puja, the devotees must enchant the Ketu Mantra, ‘Om Hreem Ketave Namah’. This Puja will help in eradicating all kind of hardship from a person’s life.

Benefits of Ketu Dosh Nivaran Puja:

  • Ketu Dosh Nivaran Puja helps in escaping the cycle of birth and death.
  • A lot of people perform this Puja to get rid of the struggles and hardships in life
  • This Puja helps in enhancing the wisdom, knowledge and spiritual growth
  • This Puja helps in attaining mental peace in life
  • Ketu Dosh Nivaran Puja is mostly performed by people who have a Ketu Dosh in their horoscope
  • This Puja must be performed to attain a balance between personal and professional life

Ketu Mantra: Om Hreem Ketave Namah

Number of the priest: To perform Ketu Dosh Nivaran Puja, you need only 1 priest.

Duration: A Ketu Dosh Nivaran Puja can be performed in one day.

Puja service inclusions: Ketu Dosh Nivaran Puja is performed according to the Vedic rituals. You should mention your birth details as well as your Sankalp/wish. You will be provided with a short video of the mantra chanting. A photograph of the puja ritual will be sent to you along with Sankalp. Puja Prasad, yantra, and energized Rudraksha will be sent to you in the Puja Tokri. You may also perform an online Sankalp with the help of Skype Id. All you need to do is log in to your Skype Id and be a part of the Puja that is being performed in the Puja Room.

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