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All About Aquamarine Gemstone: Do you have difficulty in expressing yourself? Do you have problems with your communication skills? Probably, aquamarine gemstone can offer you some kind of relief. Aquamarine gemstone is one of the popular gemstones. Aquamarine gemstone has been in existence since ancient times. The name aquamarine finds its origin from the Latin word, aqua marina which means water of the sea. Aquamarine gemstone has a very light colour and is transparent. It is either light blue or green in colour. Let us find out more about this unique gemstone.
How is Aquamarine Formed?: Do you wish to know how this gemstone is formed? Well, just like all the other gemstones, aquamarine is formed in the cavities of the rocks. The gemstone is formed because of the crystallization of the silica either from the rock or from the liquid that oozes from the cracks found in the rocks. The silica tends to fill up the cavity. Many materials then get added to the cavity and crystals are formed. The colours and other specifics then happen and different gemstones are formed. In case of aquamarine, it gets its blue colour from the iron ions that are present in the crystals thus formed.
Thus, Aquamarine is derived from the mineral called as beryl which is a compound mix of silicate of beryllium and aluminium. Throughout the history, the aquamarine stone is linked with the effects of healing and inducing good feeling. It is said that in ancient times, sea farers and other sea explorers used the aquamarine stone as a good luck charm in order to keep evil and illness away.
In ancient times, the Romans and Greeks believed that this stone helps to stir the sea spirits and enables a safe journey.

Benefits of Aquamarine Gemstone: All gemstones come with some or the other benefits. Aquamarine gemstone is no exception. Although it is a semi-precious gemstone, it does have some benefits to offer. Aquamarine gemstone belongs to the Beryl family. Around 2000 years ago, Beryl was used to correct people’s vision. Today, Beryl continues to be used for manufacturing of eyeglasses. Beryl is a hard mineral and Aquamarine is a durable gemstone and hence it is used in making jewellery. Aquamarine gemstone is generally studded in gold rings or pendants or in bracelets. It is believed that aquamarine gemstone helps you in communicating well and also improves your expression. In ancient times, people used to powder this aquamarine gemstone and use it to cure throat and eye related problems. It is said that wearing the aquamarine gemstone helps in restoring the physical and emotional balance of the body. Aquamarine gemstone also helps in regulating the energy flow in our body.
Aquamarine Gemstone and Relation With Vishuddha Chakra:
The aquamarine stone is connected to the Vishuddha Chakra or the throat chakra of our body. The Vishuddha Chakra is located at the neck near our spine and activation of this Chakra is in the pit of our throat. This chakra mainly deals with communication, self-expression and interaction. When this chakra gets blocked due to some reason, we tend to experience problems like sore throat, communication issues, thyroid, insomnia, backache, immunity disorders, and many others. We will feel insecure and find difficulty in expression and communication. Wearing the aquamarine gemstone after proper consultation with a gemstone expert will help in unblocking this chakra and make life easier for you.Jewellery made out of Aquamarine gemstone looks classy and nice. So, if you are thinking about gifting your partner some nice piece of jewellery then do consider something made out of this gemstone. Gift it for your anniversary or on your partner’s birthday and see the spark in your spouse’s eye.

Astrological Importance of Aquamarine Gemstone: The Aquamarine stone is considered to be the zodiac stone of Scorpio. It has been used by sailors since ancient times as a talisman of good luck, fearlessness, and protection. The stone also helps in maintaining one's youth and bringing eternal happiness in one's life. The best thing about this stone is that it helps us to overcome our fears. People who wear this stone can put their points clearly and are also able to control their anger in different situations.
Health Benefits For Aquamarine Gemstone: The Aquamarine stones has various healing properties. It helps relieve nerve pain, toothache and other disorders related to the throat, jaws and the neck. It also helps in solving the glandular problems of the human body. The stone also helps in strengthening the kidneys and liver in human beings. It helps in reducing any kind of problems related to the eyes, ears, and stomach. Moreover, it also helps in erasing grief and depression from the lives of the individuals.
Chakra benefits For Aquamarine Gemstone: The Throat Chakra happens to be associated with the Aquamarine stone. This is the reason why those individuals who wear this stone can overcome the fear of speaking in the public. The stone makes the speakers realize their true worth, wisdom as well as feelings as a result of which they become fully aware of whatever they are speaking. Overall, it boosts the confidence of individuals by providing them conviction and a kind of clarity.
How to Identify the Aquamarine Stone?The best way to identify an Aquamarine stone is through the medium of its hardness. These stones happen to be very hard and also have a brilliant shine. Moreover, there are hardly any scratches on the Aquamarine stone. It also has an intense kind of color which differentiates it from other gemstones. Therefore, one should examine the Aquamarine stone for any kind of scratches before buying it from the dealers. Moreover, the stone also does not produce any kind of bubbles. Another way of identifying the Aquamarine stone is by placing it against one's forehead. These stones are generally cooler than room temperatures. One can also look at the stone from different angles to authenticate whether it's a real one or not.
Importance of Untreated and Natural Aquamarine Gemstone: Just like other natural and untreated gemstones, the untreated and natural Aquamarine stones have their importance too. The stones which are available in raw form tend to be more powerful than the chemically treated ones. Therefore, it is always recommended to use untreated and natural Aquamarine stones.
Caring and Wearing method of Aquamarine Gemstone: The Aquamarine stones should be cleaned with warm and soapy water. First of all, you should fill a small-sized bowl with warm water and add a little amount of dishwasher soap. Now, let the stone get soaked for a few minutes and thereafter clean it with a brush having soft bristles so that its powers do not wear off. One should wear the Aquamarine stone on the ring finger because it helps establish strong and healthy relationships. However, the people who are involved in some kind of business should wear it on the index finger. It is highly recommended not to wear the Aquamarine stone with any other gemstones which also possess some powerful properties. Moreover, it is better not to wear too much jewelry with Aquamarine stone.
Aquamarine Gemstones Ruling Planet & significance: Neptune, the planet which is associated with the zodiac sign of Pisces, is associated with the Aquamarine stone. Moreover, the stone is also known to bring in the good influence of the Saturn Planet. This makes the Aquamarine stone rich in metaphysical properties due to which it provides self - confidence and courage to the one who wears it.
Who Should wear Aquamarine Gemstone?: The individuals whose horoscope is shown to possess a weak Saturn should wear the Aquamarine stone. Moreover, newly married couples can also wear this stone to build a healthy and stable relationship in the mere future. Other than that, the individuals who are indulged in any kind of business should also wear this stone to ensure profit and prosperity in the long run. The stone is very much helpful for those people who have a problem speaking in public. It helps to boost a kind of self - confidence in them.
How to care Aquamarine Gemstone?: It is recommended to keep the Aquamarine stone in a special box by covering it with a piece of soft cloth. It should not be kept together with any other kind of jewelry or gemstones. It should be kept away from direct sunlight. Moreover, the stone should be taken off while doing any kind of dirty work or another kind of household activities which require cleaning.
Why should people wear Aquamarine Stone Gemstones?: It is believed that if one wears an Aquamarine Stone, it helps to calm down the nerves and also helps in the fluid retention of the human body. It brings a significant amount of changes in an individual's behavior including one's speaking abilities too. Moreover, the person also becomes loving, selfless and down - to - earth in nature.
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