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Blue Topaz Introduction: The Blue Topaz is a semi-precious gemstone that belongs to the category of the Topaz minerals. It comes in numerous colors but its main color happens to be blue. It can be used as a substitute gemstone for the Blue Sapphire. This stone helps in enhancing financial stability, good health, fame and self - confidence in human beings. The Blue Topaz is also considered to be a symbol of affection and love among people. The Blue Topaz is one of the most popular and sought after gemstones. Moreover, the Hindus consider this stone to be very much sacred. It is among the nine astrological gemstone which are considered to be talismanic and sacred. The Blue Topaz helps in the creation of energies and also promotes concentration in human beings. It also helps in preventing premature death and controlling greed and insomnia in human beings. The stone also protects individuals from any kind of impending danger. It also brings good fortune to the lives of the individuals. Blue topaz is considered as the most popular and the most affordable among all the gemstone. Naturally occurring blue topaz is very hard to find. Topaz is artificially enhanced to give it the blue tinge. Blue topaz is generally unearthed within granite and the pegmatite deposits. Blue topaz has been quite popular throughout history. This semi-precious gemstone has a mention in the Bible and Hebrew texts. Even in Sanskrit, it is referred to as tapas which denotes fiery. The blue topaz is found largely in Texas, Sri Lanka, Brazil and Nigeria. It is considered as the state gemstone in Texas.
Benefits of Blue Topaz: The blue topaz is related to the biggest planet of our solar system; the Jupiter. Jupiter is known for its size. The blue topaz is said to provide inner peace, mental security and overall well-being of our body. The blue topaz is linked to the Vishuddha Chakra or the throat chakra of our body. The Vishuddha chakra is located at the neck near our spine and its activation point is the pit of our throat. This chakra is often associated with the purification or cleansing of our body. People with good vishuddha chakra are considered as excellent communicators and possess great expression skills.
However, when this Vishuddha Chakra gets blocked, we are likely to face problems like difficulty in communication, sore throat, problems with our thyroid gland, insomnia, immunity problems and back problems. All these problems further lead to lack of confidence, insecurity and inability to express our feelings.
Blue topaz also helps in curing arthritis and other inflammations. It is also known to reduce fever and other such issues related to our health.
The blue topaz is said to unblock the Vishuddha Chakra thereby making our life balanced and easier. It is said that people who are salesmen, businessmen or travellers reap lot of benefits by wearing the blue topaz.
Astrological Importance of Blue Topaz: The Blue Topaz is considered to be a birthstone for those who are born in December. According to various astrologers, the Blue Topaz is known to possess some magical powers which help bring positive changes in the lives of human beings. The stone helps us in improving our self - expression which is, in turn, required for improving communication skills. It also provides internal peace to the human mind as well as the body.
Health Benefits of Blue Topaz: The Blue Topaz has numerous healing properties. It helps to improve the digestive system in the human body. This precious gemstone helps in removing certain eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia. It also helps to protect the nervous system and improves the metabolism rate in human beings. The Blue Topaz is also helpful in regulating the heart and improving the spinal column on the human body. It is also helpful in improving eyesight. The Blue Topaz provides relief from pain and discomfort caused due to arthritis, mumps, tonsillitis, etc. It also helps in reducing allergies and inflammation.
Chakra Benefits of Blue Topaz: The color of the Blue Topaz resembles the color of the Throat Chakra because of which most of the individuals prefer to wear it around the neck. The Blue Topaz Stone also helps to improve the Third Eye Chakra which helps the individuals to attain the depths of truth, knowledge, and wisdom. As a result, it helps to enhance the psychic knowledge in human beings.
How to Identify the Blue Topaz Stone?: The best way to identify a Blue Topaz Stone is by testing its specific gravity. Moreover, one can also approach a professional jeweler to identify a real and authentic Blue Topaz Stone. In some cases, one may use a refractometer to identify the gemstone.
Importance of Untreated and Natural Blue Topaz Gemstone: If we go to buy Blue Topaz Gemstone in the market, most of the sellers will be showing us the treated ones which are being manufactured using chemical treatments. However, it is always recommended to use natural and untreated Blue Topaz Stone to make the most out of them. This is because Blue Topaz stone are more powerful and effective in their raw and untreated form.
Caring and Wearing method of Blue Topaz Gemstone:The Blue Topaz stone should be cleaned with soapy warm water. It is, however, not recommended to use any steamer or ultrasonic cleaner to clean the gemstone. Moreover, the stone should be cleaned regularly so that it does not lose its shining properties. It is mostly recommended to wear a Blue Topaz Stone around the neck by embellishing it in a pendant. The Blue Topaz stone should be worn on the index finger of the right hand on Thursday morning at dawn. However, most of the astrologers recommend taking proper advice and instructions before wearing the Blue Topaz Stone to maximize its benefits.
Blue Topaz Gemstone Ruling Planet & significance: Jupiter is the ruling planet of the Blue Topaz Stone. That is why the Blue Topaz Stone is highly recommended for the individuals with the zodiac sign of Sagittarius. Moreover, the Blue Topaz Stone is also helpful in keeping away any kind of negative energy from our surroundings. The planet Jupiter is considered to be an abode of greatness and grandeur. That is why the individuals who wear the Blue Topaz Stone can acquire fame and fortune.
Who Should wear Blue Topaz Gemstone? Those individuals who are Cancer ascendants should wear Blue Topaz Stone. Moreover, individuals with the zodiac sign of Sagittarius should also wear this gemstone. If one is born in December, it is highly recommended to wear a Blue Topaz Stone.
How to care Blue Topaz Gemstone?: The Blue Topaz Gemstone should not be exposed to heat, sunlight or any kind of acids. This is because the gemstone will lose its color as well as power if constantly exposed to such elements. Moreover, this may also result in the cracking of the Blue Topaz Stone.
Why should people wear Blue Topaz Gemstone?: The Blue Topaz Stone can heal, stimulate, redirect and recharge various energies inside the human body which are beneficial for us in the long run. The gemstone also enhances truth and forgiveness and brings happiness, joy, and prosperity in the lives of the individuals.
Other Properties of Blue Topaz: Blue topaz weighs eight on the Mohs scale and this beautiful gemstone finds its way into many appealing jewellery pieces. As compared to other gemstone, blue topaz is fragile and needs to be handled with utmost care. It has a good refractive index and polishes up beautifully which is why it is preferred in most gemstone.
Thus, the blue topaz is very special in spite of being a semi-precious gemstone.
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