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Hessonite Garnet (Ceylon Gomed) India Stone Introduction:

The Hessonite Garnet (Ceylon Gomed) belongs to the category of the grossularite or the grossular garnet species. However, unlike the other varieties of grossularite stones which are mostly green, Hessonite Garnet (Ceylon Gomed) is brown-red or honey-yellow in color. In other words, it can be said that the stone resembles the color of a cinnamon stick. This is the reason why it is also known as the Kaneel stone or the cinnamon stone because of its amazing and distinct color. In Vedic astrology, Hessonite Garnet (Ceylon Gomed) is considered to be a very important and precious gemstone. The hardness and density of this stone are quite less than the other stones but there is no doubt that it is more strong and powerful as compared to others. Originally sourced from Sri Lanka, the Hessonite Garnet (Ceylon Gomed) are also mined in different parts of India, Canada, Brazil, Tanzania, Myanmar, Madagascar and California (US). The color of the Hessonite Garnet (Ceylon Gomed) is because of the presence of manganese in it. This precious gemstone is either transparent or translucent. It has a glass-like luster which appears when it gets polished. There are also some amount of inclusions present in the stone which are typical of its authenticity. The Hessonite Garnet (Ceylon Gomed) is always available in its natural form and is never enhanced or treated. This is the reason why the stone is considered to have immense metaphysical and spiritual powers.

Astrological Importance of Hessonite Garnet (Ceylon Gomed) Stone:

The Hessonite Garnet (Ceylon Gomed) is considered to be a traditional birthstone for those who are born in the month of January. In Sanskrit, this precious gemstone is also known by the name of Gomedhaka. In terms of ancient mythology, Hessonite Garnet (Ceylon Gomed) is considered to be the fingernail of one of the Indian Gods - Bala. This is the reason why this gemstone belongs to the category of the nine crucial astrological gemstones. The Hessonite Garnet (Ceylon Gomed) is associated with the Rahu planet and is known to bring good fortune, success, and longevity to the life of its wearer. This gemstone is sometimes also called the traveler's stone because of the protection that it provides to the wearer. The Hessonite Garnet (Ceylon Gomed) is considered to be one of the most powerful talismans which help in the removal of any kind of evil entities. It also helps individuals to get rid of bad dreams as well as depression. The Hessonite Garnet (Ceylon Gomed) is also considered to be a 2nd anniversary stone. Moreover, it should definitely be worn by the Aquarians. The Hessonite Garnet (Ceylon Gomed) is also known for enhancing love, compassion, and romance among couples as well as lovers.

Health Benefits For Hessonite Garnet (Ceylon Gomed) Stone:

The Hessonite Garnet (Ceylon Gomed) has numerous healing properties. It helps in the alleviation of ailments like backache, arthritis, liver disorders, etc. This precious stone also helps in preventing hemorrhages in human beings. Those individuals who are suffering from stress, anxiety, and depression should definitely wear this precious gemstone as it helps to calm down the mind of the human beings thereby keeping them relaxed. It also helps in curing various ailments in human beings including an eye infection, epilepsy, allergy, sinus, hemorrhoids, etc. It also helps to cure certain diseases like cancer, leprosy and blood pressure. The Hessonite Garnet (Ceylon Gomed) is known to have a deep impact on the immune system as well as the physiology of the body of individuals. It helps in boosting the immune system by getting rid of any kind of toxins or impurities from the human body.

CHAKRA BENEFITS For Hessonite Garnet (Ceylon Gomed) Stone:

The Hessonite Garnet (Ceylon Gomed) is helpful in stimulating those Chakras who are under the heavy influence of the planet Rahu. It is mainly beneficial in unblocking the Saharasha Chakra which is completely governed by the Rahu planet. The Hessonite Garnet (Ceylon Gomed) also helps to stimulate the Root Chakra which is also known as the Mooladhara Chakra. This is the reason why wearing a Hessonite Garnet (Ceylon Gomed) helps us to do away with the material desires of our lives.

How to Identify the Hessonite Garnet (Ceylon Gomed) Stone?

The best way which is recommended by astrologers to identify a Hessonite Garnet (Ceylon Gomed) is by holding it very close to the eye and having a look at it. Moreover, the 'Scotch in the water' effect distinguishes the Hessonite Garnet (Ceylon Gomed) from all the other gemstones. Other than that, the characteristics of heatwave stimulation are also unique to Hessonite Garnet (Ceylon Gomed) stones. Adding to that, these precious gemstones do not have any dullness, roughness or dark spots in them which make them quite priceless.

Importance of Untreated and Natural Hessonite Garnet (Ceylon Gomed) Stone Gemstone:

The best thing about the Hessonite Garnet (Ceylon Gomed) is that it is available in its natural form. However, sometimes, polished versions of this stone are available.

Caring and Wearing method of Hessonite Garnet (Ceylon Gomed) Stone Gemstone:

According to various astrologers, if the Hessonite Garnet (Ceylon Gomed) is used in its natural and untreated form, it relieves the human beings from any kind of stress, depression or mental problems which in turn gives them some clarity in their thoughts. These raw gemstones also prove to be helpful for those individuals who have the fear of spirits, fear of snakes, reptiles, etc. So, it is always recommended by the astrologers to wear the Hessonite Garnet (Ceylon Gomed) in its natural form.

Hessonite Garnet (Ceylon Gomed) Stone Gemstones Ruling Planet & significance:

The Hessonite Garnet (Ceylon Gomed) is mostly associated with three planets - Mercury, Mars, and Pluto. However, it is being governed by the planet Rahu because of which it is helpful in getting rid of certain entities from the lives of individuals who have been a victim of black magic or the curse of evil spirits, ancestors, enemies, etc.

Who Should wear Hessonite Garnet (Ceylon Gomed) Stone Gemstones?

The Hessonite Garnet (Ceylon Gomed) should be worn by scientists, students as well as researchers. It is also recommended for those individuals who are related to the fields of law, public work, politics, business, computer jobs, etc. In other words, those individuals who are involved in high profile jobs and are in constant need of negotiating with others should definitely wear the Hessonite Garnet (Ceylon Gomed).

How to care Hessonite Garnet (Ceylon Gomed) Stone Gemstones?

The individuals should always take extra care while cleaning the Hessonite Garnet (Ceylon Gomed). One should refrain from making the use of harsh chemicals or cleaners for cleaning the Hessonite Garnet (Ceylon Gomed) stone. Moreover, it should always be stored away from the other gemstones or other jewels.

Why should people wear Hessonite Garnet (Ceylon Gomed) Stone Gemstones?

The Hessonite Garnet (Ceylon Gomed) helps to enhance one's social as well as financial status. It also helps in getting rid of depression, stress or any other mental problems which tend to weaken human beings. Therefore, the Hessonite Garnet (Ceylon Gomed) makes human beings wise, clever and intelligent.

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