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Green tourmaline stone: Know its healing properties: The Green Tourmaline is considered as a unique gemstone. The word tourmaline finds its origin from the Sinhalese word, turamali which means stone attracting ash. Every gemstone is unique in its own way; however the green tourmaline has some more uniqueness to it. Let us now find out more about it…
What is Green Tourmaline?: The Green Tourmaline is one gemstone that can come up with an amazing array of colours. The Green tourmaline is also called as the verdelite. The gemstone is made up of boron silicate and a combination of many other metals thereby making it the most complex crystal structure.
The green tourmaline is considered as a semi-precious gemstone and is known for its enigmatic properties. It has a quality of getting electrically charged on heating up or when rubbed. This was how fire was ignited in the ancient times. 
The stone gets its green colour because of the chromium impurities present in it.
Healing Effects of Green Tourmaline: The green tourmaline carries many benefits with it. It is believed to bring prosperity and success to the person who wears it. It is also considered as a good source of energy to both the males and the females. 
It is believed that the green tourmaline is linked to the feelings of love, happiness and abundance. It is also said that a person who wears this stone is very creative and this stone protects us from the electromagnetic radiation that comes in contact with us on a daily basis from our environment due to the excessive use of technology.
The green tourmaline is associated with the heart chakra or the Anahata chakra and hence it is related to compassion, love and such emotions. An imbalance in this chakra leads to fear, hatred, envy and anger. Wearing this stone helps in unblocking the chakra and helps you in facing life with compassion and love.
The green tourmalines are also called as Brazilian emeralds as they are found excessively in Brazil. It is always better to consult a good gem expert before buying any gemstone so that you get the right benefits.

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